Land of Milk and Honey Farm, LLC
Goat Milk, Eggs, and More!!

About Us

    Welcome to the Land of Milk and Honey Farm, LLC. We are Ethan and Jacqueline England and we have three amazing children, Regan, Abigail, and Zachary, who all are part of our all natural goat and poultry farm.
   We started this farm because, with Ethan having Celiac Disease and myself and my kids not being able to have cow dairy, cooking healthy meals,to say was challenging, would be an understatement. Constantly trying to make meals with speciality ingredients, so they could go completely wrong was costly and discouraging.

   I often found myself staring in the cabinets and fridge trying to come up with a healthy meal that everyone could eat.
   Or standing in a grocery store trying to read those labels, to catch the unlimited ways they can list milk or wheat in boxed food; It sometimes seemed the easiest thing to do was go to our favorite resturant, so that everyone could get what they wanted and could have. But lets be honest this is also costly.
  With our farm we have been able to make healthy meals. We know how our animals have been treated and raised. We have taken the guess work out of labels, and put healthy meals where they belong, on the table.

   We also believe in farming our animals in natural way, and the labels being splashed in super markets on meats, milk, and eggs is misleading and confusing. Animals should be able to live in a healthy, happy enviroment, with sun and grass.

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